June 19-21, 2015


1331 O'Reilly Drive, Feasterville, Pennsylvania



ECDX 2015 / 50 bouts. 3 rinks. 1 weekend.

Welcome to the 9th Annual East Coast Derby Extravaganza. This yearly athletic event is produced by Philly Roller Derby and provides three days of non-stop women’s flat track roller derby action on three tracks simultaneously! Catch fast-paced challenge bouts and WFTDA sanctioned games from Divisions 1, 2 and 3–plus so much more!

Skater Registration is open until . Spectator passes and event tickets are also available!


Spectator Tickets and Shuttle Passes / watch the action

Now in our ninth year, we’ll host dozens of games featuring some of the best teams and players in the world, a rink of “fun” bouts (think Pirates vs. Zombies), all the vendors you could want, plus a pool party.  Want to come watch?

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Vendors / stay tuned to see this year's lineup

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Hotel Information / rest up and recharge

Be sure to mention ECDX 2015 at any of the three hotels below to receive a special group rate.

Best Western+


Best Western Plus
Philadelphia Bensalem
3499 Street Road,
Bensalem PA 19020

Hampton Inn


3660 Street Rd,
Bensalem, PA 19020
$124/night – King with sofa (limited number of rooms)
$135/night – double Queen
$145/night – King studio suite

FAQS / find your answers

No, not unless you're buying it for someone else.

Email the details of your situation to and get clearance or denial. Do not send money until you have been cleared.

People who are not affiliated with WFTDA member, WFTDA apprentice, WFTDA aspirant, or WFTDA-adherent organizations; people who are affiliated with WFTDA-adherent teams that have never bouted; people who are acceptably affiliated today but who will not be by mid-June; people from MRDA teams that are not our designated MRDA participants; people from the Sanctioned game participant teams who fully expect to be on their teams' Charters.

Anyone who wishes to skate in Challenge Games (Fun or Serious), Open Scrimmages, WFTDA Regulation games, the MRDA-Sanctioned game, etc. EXCEPT FOR those who are on the June 19th weekend Charters of the teams that PRD/ECDX is hosting for WFTDA-Sanctioned games. (the Chartered skaters will be registered through their teams).

You are then welcome to attend as a spectator.  Spectator tickets will be available shortly, and will cost the same as a Late Skater Registration.

You are welcome to skate at the Open Scrimmages.  You are not guaranteed a slot on any of the Challenge Teams, and the Organizers do not make team assignments.

You will have the option of paying the difference between your signup and the full-weekend spectator ticket, and then attending as a spectator.

You may sign up just like any veteran, with the understanding that your registration will be revoked if you do not complete your training on time.

You have the option of transferring the Individual Registration to someone else.  The onus is on you to bring our attention to your situation.


No; since Charters are always changing, we do not accept them any earlier than they are required for our Sanctioning purposes.

We have not set a specific number, but we may close the signup form early if we determine that we are nearing capacity.

None whatsoever.

ECDX will have at least one Open Scrimmage to which all registered skaters are welcome.  If you want to find skate time beyond that, you will have to find your way onto a Challenge Team's roster. Roster placement is not guaranteed. You may find that the ECDX Google Group and Yahoo Group are useful for this purpose.

The users on the Yahoo! Group have historically created this guide.  It is not an official tool.

It is possible that teams are not currently adding skaters; however, there are late dropouts every year.  Rosters for the Fun Challenge teams are not set until gametime, so even if you just wait until the event and show up with the right color shirts, you may find your way onto a roster or two.

Challenge Team management, insofar as roster details are concerned, is left to the organizers of the teams.  They can handle their affairs however they please.

If the Challenge Team submission date has not already passed, you are free to create your own team.  If that date has come and gone, please keep in mind that the system - fair or not - really does favor those who get their planning done early.

Please note that the system is also designed to favor those who do not have the prospect of Sanctioned games in their ECDX weekend schedule.  You may ask the Challenge Team organizer to set a spot aside for you: again, the organizer is not work with you on this matter, and the event organizers will intervene.

In order to underscore the Openness of our Open Scrimmages, we do not have a sign-up for them.  If you are a registered skater and you arrive at the designated rink at the designated time with a pair of shirts (one black and one white) that have your number affixed to them in a manner that satisfies rules, 2.7.4, and their subsections, you can scrimmage. Safety pins and tape are not permitted.  Handwritten numbers must be very legible.  Gray is neither black nor white, and there is no gray team at the ECDX'14 Open Scrimmages.

The form URL will not be posted until submission day.  We don't want to spoil the surprise.

Serious Challenges are for actual teams that exist outside of ECDX.  They could be a pre-existing All-Star team, an All-State team or your local league's All-Stars, your B team, your C team, your home team, your rookie team - as long as everyone's cleared to play - vs. another similar team.  We reserve the right to tell you that your submission cannot be serious if you do not appear to meet these criteria.  A Fun Challenge is anything else: Pirates vs. Zombies, Bakers vs. Crafters, Freddy vs. Jason, etc. in which everyone is there to have a good time and team pride isn't as much on the line.  Please note that Serious Challenge teams will be required to submit their rosters prior to the event and no changes will be allowed on gameday.  If your Serious Team cannot field a roster of at least 10 skaters, it may be turned into a a Fun Challenge and opened up to walk-ons.

Team Name, Opponent Team Name, Uniform Color, Contact Person Name & Email

All of the above in addition to at least 8 correct pairings of skater names & registration codes.

This makes it more difficult for a person to submit dozens of game applications without having first done the legwork to bring together a team.  And we trust that Circuit City Roller Derby's Bankruptcy Brawlers B-Team already has a roster, so there's no need to send that information on the application.

They are 4-characters and begin either with I (as in "Individual"), M (as in "MRDA"), or W (as in "WFTDA").  For example: W001 or I149.  They help you make certain that the skaters on your roster are actually registered for the event.  They prevent you from inadvertently filling your roster up with people who aren't even attending the event and will flake out on you.

Yes, but do not be confused: this is only true for Philly Roller Derby skaters.  No other league's skaters are automatically registered for ECDX.

These skaters will not have registration codes until much later on in the process: you would be smart to leave them off your submission (they may play on your team, of course, but they cannot count towards your 8 correct pairings).

If we do not have submissions from both teams, your submission will not be considered.  It takes two teams to have a game.


Yes; however, you must submit separate applications for each of these games: if we only have an A vs. B submission from you and Team C submits a C vs. A request, we will disregard their submission.

Your submission will be discarded if it takes more than a few seconds to understand what's going on with it.

If you and your opponent both check this box on your submissions, your rosters will be open to all registered ECDX skaters (including MRDA participants). This option does not exist for Serious Challenges.

Event Location

The Sportsplex
1331 O’Reilly Drive
Feasterville, PA 19053

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