I signed the online waivers ahead of time, do I need to fill anything else out when I get there?

Yes, even if you filled out the online waivers... there is more to sign when you arrive. Each participant has to sign the WFTDA Team Release as an Official/Announcer/Photographer/Volunteer/Competing Skater.


I want to skate in an open scrimmage, but I don't see a skater pass available to purchase through the ticketleap?

This year there is *NO* skater pass for people who want to participate in open scrimmages.  If you want to skate in an open scrimmage you need to get a Spectator Pass and then sign up at the event.  Scrimmage tickets will be available for purchase at the table located besides ticket sales.

How much are scrimmage tickets?

Open scrimmages are $10. You will need to provide your skating insurance number. Registered participating skaters with proper credentials are welcome to attend with a complimentary ticket. But after all paying individuals have shown interest.

My team is skating this weekend, but I want to go to open scrimmages. Do I still need to pay $10?

No, if you are skating at ECDX, you will not need to pay $10 for scrimmages.  However, people who bought the scrimmage passes will get first priority.


Can I sign up for a clinic when I get to ECDX?

Yes. You can sign up for a clinic, if spots are still available. To sign up for a clinic, go to the clinic table located by the registration section. You will need to provide your skater insurance, sign the event waiver, WFTDA individual release waiver and pay for the clinic there.

Please note, the only way to guarantee a spot in the clinic is to purchase before the weekend. We will not reserve any clinic tickets for on-site sales so if the clinic is sold out online, it's sold out.

Does the clinic ticket give me access to all of ECDX?

No, if you want to watch the games or access the other tracks you will need a spectator ticket.

I forgot to print my clinic ticket what do I do?

Check in at the TABLE by registration before the clinic and give your name, then you should be good to go.


Is there really a pool and can we bring floaties?

Yes! There totally is a pool! and yes floaties are allowed.

What time does the pool open/close?

Pool hours 11am-8pm SATURDAY and SUNDAY only. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and supervised by an adult.


What time does beer/food sales start?

Food Trucks: 12PM -7PM
Beer: 11AM - half time of last game of the day


I have a question - who do I ask?

Prior to ECDX: Email ecdxreg@gmail.com
During ECDX: Go to the registration table and someone will find the appropriate person to assist you.
Emergency: Find a ECDX Volunteer in a volunteer shirt

When do we get to test the track?

Friday: 9-9:30am
Saturday: 7-7:30am
Sunday: 7-7:30am
You can also test during the halftime of the game prior, however, EMTs must be present!!!

What time can we get into the sportsplex?

Teams and THs have been given a detailed schedule of the days. FRIDAY
Rink 2/3
PRD Staff: 6:30/7am
Skaters/Officials/Vendors/Announcers: 8am *NO EARLIER*
Spectators: 9am

Rink 1
PRD Staff: 6:30/7am
Skaters/Officials/Vendors/Announcers: 10am
Spectators: 11am

Vendors/Participants/Announcers/Officials: 6:30am
Spectators: 7am

Vendors/Participants/Announcers/Officials: 6:30am
Spectators: 7am